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Broome County Transit to do $80,000 Study

Broome County will be investing $80,000 to improve its transit route.

The county has authorized a study by a Florida-based consulting agency, to make Broome County transit more efficient.

The survey will evaluate things like hours of service, frequent stops, route changes improving rider density and fares.

The survey will be performed on a 7-day a week basis -- over the course of one year.

Deputy County Executive John Bernardo says the goal is to keep Broome County green and better accommodate working people.

"We're investing close to 2 million dollars this year alone to keep that operation going. Our goal would be to not only make it more efficient to pick up more passengers maybe use fewer buses in the process but also save the taxpayers money," said John Bernardo, Deputy County Executive.

Broome County has 2.4 million people that rely on the transit system per year. Bernardo also says he hopes the study does not take the full year.