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Limiting Police Use of Military Equipment

By Fox 40 Staff.
If police departments use certain military-grade equipment, they'll need to give a good reason why.

This according to new regulations President Obama is expected to enact through an executive order. Obama will ban police use of equipment such as explosive-resistant vehicles with tracked wheels like those seen on army tanks, the white house said in a fact sheet.

For other equipment, such as mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles and riot shields, departments will have to give an added reason for their use.

"Limiting the amount of helmets, riot shields and protective gear that law enforcement can get, I think that is problematic. Look at the things that are happening throughout the community, throughout the nation. It's alarming, it's troubling," said Capt. Fred Ashkar of the Broome County Sheriff's Office.

Carol Koppens, a member of the Binghamton Human Rights Commission, applauds the decision, saying the choice to limit military equipment police can use is a good one.

Akshar says the program Obama is targeting, called the 1033 Program, has allowed local agencies to acquire military-grade equipment without cost to the taxpayer. He says he understands the need to oversee the deployment of the equipment, but that that oversight already exists.