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Experts Offer Resume Tips

As graduation season kicks off a lot of college grads may be wondering if their resume has what it takes to help them land that dream job..

Resume expert Ginny Thompson of the local business "Resume Pros" has revised more than 1,000 resumes in her career and offers some advice.

Thompson says the main things employers look for in a resume are if the candidate has the necessary skills to fulfill the job.
She says employers also want to make sure the person will fit the job's requirements.

She also states it's important to include qualifications that set the candidate apart from competitors and to keep resumes accomplishment oriented rather than just a list of things a person completed.

She says graduation shouldn't be the first time you start resume building though.

"Rather than being an afterthought it should really be an important focus throughout your college years and throughout your years of professional development. You should always be improving your personal skills, your career skills. It's something that is ongoing if you're going to survive in today's job market and set yourself apart as a candidate," said Thompson.

For more resume tips, you can check out Thompson's website, just head to www.resumepros.biz