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BU Graduation Ceremony Wraps, Actress Delivers Speech

A special guest we all may know is sharing some words of encouragement to Binghamton University grads.

You may know her from the progressive car insurance commercials as "Flo" Stephanie Courtney graduated from the university in 1992 and has been playing the insurance character since 2008.
Courtney was awarded the alumni recipient award during Saturday's commencement ceremony.
Afterward she delivered a speech about working through obstacles to find your way to success. And success is what students say their main goal is.

"Everyone comes in and goes out a different person completely. I'm so much wiser so much older so much...I've learned so much I've seen so many people. It's awesome I think Binghamton has absolutely prepared me for that. It's such an excellent university I've made so many excellent connections here. And I'm looking forward to the future, " said Harpur College of Arts and Sciences graduate Molly Heckinson.

"I think finals is one thing and graduating here with my friends shaking the hand of people it's an acknowlegment that it's.... it's like something else," said Harpur College of Arts and Sciences graduate Aaron Wagner.

Sunday grads from Harpur College of Arts and Sciences' social sciences, fine arts, humanities, science and math divisions walked across the stage to receive diplomas.

This weekend more than 3,400 students graduated from the Binghamton University Campus.