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Broome County Dog Shelter Holds 4th Open House

Some cute and furry friends are looking for a home.
Saturday the Broome County Dog Shelter held its 4th annual open house.

More than 10 dogs were available for adoption.
Saturday's Open House allowed people to get a view of the shelter, while visiting the adoptable dogs.

Organizers say the facility is also accepting donations; things like harnesses, dog treats and pedigree dog food to help support the dogs who are currently up for adoption in the shelter.

"There's a lot of dogs out there that end up here in the shelter that people can no longer have their dogs or they get picked up as strays and don't have owners show up for them. So it's a constant door that goes in and out nonstop. We could do five adoptions one day and have eight dogs come in the same day," said Manager of Broome County Dog Shelter Kelly Conlon.
"They're great companions. I think people say that they rescue you rather than you rescuing them and I think that's so true," said Binghamton resident Leonard Lineemuth.

Ginger, a two-year-old pitbull mix, has been at the shelter for the longest time -- since last August.
If you're interested in pet adoption just call the Broome County Dog Shelter.

The shelter is open between 10:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.