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Push-Up Contest is Held in Honor of Armed Forces Day

How many pushups can you do in 90 seconds?
Well some people are testing their strength while raising money for a good cause.

It's all part of a contest in honor of Armed Forces Day. The contest was held at Binghamton First Church of the Nazarene and more than 40 people came to show their support.

Americans throughout the entire country are participating in this timed push-up contest to help raise money for the Boot Campaign, a national nonprofit that promotes patriotism and provides assistance for those who have served in the armed forces.

"The reason for the push-ups is it gives you something to push for that's greater than yourself. So maybe while doing push-ups, you're thinking of why you're doing those push-ups, so it allows you to push further than you thought you might be able to before you had a cause to do them for," said Owner of KW Fitness Kevin Webb, "Last year when I did them for the first time, my first round I did about 70 push-ups and then the second round I had so much more energy, there was a great vibe, and I did 73 push-ups."

The goal for Saturday's event was to raise $3,500 for the Campaign by doing more than 10,000 pushups.