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Seat Belt Campaign Making Sure You Buckle Up

Click it or ticket. That's been the New York State law since 1984.

Governor Cuomo announced today that New York will be participating in the annual Border to Border Seat Belt Enforcement Initiative which will begin Monday.

"My life had been saved by that piece of leather across my chest." said Saved by the Belt Survivor, Chris Scalone.

Two years ago, Chris Scalone of Long Island was in a car accident that he says nearly took his life. He stands here today all because he wore his seat belt.

"Do you wear your seat belt every single time you get into a car? Every single time... do you wear your seat belt?" said Scalone.

Friday, Scalone was joined by safety officials as they announced a crackdown on seat belt compliance, known as Click it or Ticket.

"If we see you or your front seat passenger without a seat belt or a child that is improperly restrained, you will be getting a ticket" said NYS Police Colonel Beach.

It only takes five seconds, but those five seconds could save your life.

Officials say their main goal is to get everyone where they need to go safely, including those in the back seat, where anyone under 16 is required to be buckled in.

"If you don't have your seat belt on especially in the back seat, we refer to that as the back seat bullet. You come forward at a force, a 150 pound person comes forward at the force of an elephant" said Assistant Commissioner, Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, Chuck DeWees.

New York State's occupant restraint law states a driver can be fined up to 100 dollars and receive up to three points on their license for each violation.