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Lopez: "Stick to the game plan"

Like that of the parent club New York Mets, the Binghamton Mets offense has entered a dry spell in the month of May. The team is hitting a combined .247 this month, tied for second worst in the Eastern League. Adding to that, they've stranded 48 runners in their last 47 innings, hitting just .151 with runners in scoring position in that same stretch.

The season is long, and it's still early, but if Pedro Lopez has his way, things will turn around sooner rather than later.

"That's one of the things that's going to be addressed today," Lopez says. "I'm going to talk to the guys about our approach with runners in scoring position and I think that right now, we might be panicking a little bit when we get to those situations. I tell them many times, we're in the driver's seat in those positions and we just got to stick with our game plan."

Binghamton hosts New Hampshire Friday night at 7:05.