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BU Students Take Part In Annual Bar Crawl

The exams are over and now its time to celebrate. Tonight students are taking part in an annual tradition that's taking place right now in downtown Binghamton.

The BU Bar Crawl is underway as students celebrate the end of the school year, with finals complete and graduation scheduled for this weekend. Some students have mugs which get them drink specials at some bars.

Some students make it an annual year-end event. But one senior we spoke to said today's crawl is her first.

"Yeah, be around people, my last week with my friends, kind of de-stress after exams," said BU senior Emma Sutterlin.

"Everybody's coming out for this one last celebration and it's great," said Sean Sinn, a BU student.

Graduation ceremonies get underway tomorrow for graduate and doctorate students and over the weekend under graduate ceremonies will take place.