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Students Honored For Educating Others About Choosing A Healthy Lifestyle

Some middle and high schools students were honored today for their leadership skills and being drug free role models in the community.

A member from Senator Libous' office along with Lourdes President and CEO Kathy Connerton and YES, Safe Choices for Kids joined parents, teachers and school adminstrators honor over 550 Broome, Tioga and Chenango YES leaders at a recognition reception in endicott.

The students educated elementary students about the dangers of substance abuse and making healthy choices as they grow up.

"My favorite part of this program was probably working with the kids, and learning from them. It wasn't all about us teaching them it was about them teaching us to become better leaders,"
said Danielle Barto, the Jill Cavanaugh Memorial Scholarship winner.

Barto was one of three scholarship winners at tonight's reception.