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Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo Talks New Bill, Delay New Teacher Evaluation Deadlines

A legal battle ensues in the state legislature over how to address a new state law that was passed as part of the state budget--to adopt new evaluation measures for teachers and principals.

In response, democrats among the assembly are introducing legislation that would delay implementation of the new teacher evaluations--which is required by the state Board of Regents by June 30th.

The bill would extend the deadline from June 30th to November 17th.

The bill would also mandate that the implementation of the new evaluations would no longer be tied to school aid.

"We're looking forward to education professionals taking a good hard long look at this and being given the time they need to get it right because really there is an impression out there that this has been rushed and that people's considerations and feelings have not really be well regarded," said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo.

Lupardo is a co-sponsor of this bill. She says that after talking to hundreds of teachers parents and students who are concerned with the fact that this process would be rushed, the bill will hopefully provide school districts with more time to get it right.