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Elementary Students Learn with Legos

Some elementary school students are showing that Lego bricks are more than child's play.

Wednesday Bricks 4 Kidz, an educational program that teaches students science, technology, engineering and math skills, visited Homer Brink Elementary school. The students used Lego bricks, axles and gears to build motorized conveyor belts. Third-grade Teacher Taylor Norton says that the program is a good way for students to see their lessons come to life.

"I was thrilled to have them come in. I knew right away that the kids would be excited to have them come in and doing something like this versus just showing them still images of doing something with paper and pencil. This is much more hands on and engaging," said Taylor Norton, third grade teacher."

The hands-on project promotes teamwork, as well as visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning, which are skills used in engineering.