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Chenango Commerce Pushes to Save Hundreds of Norwich Jobs

The Chenango Chamber of Commerce is pushing to save more than 100 jobs before the end of this year.

Chamber members attended a manufacturing trade show Wednesday in Massachusetts, to market the company Norwich Aero.
The company manufactures aircraft sensors and is scheduled to relocate it supplies to Tijuana, Mexico. The project is geared toward engaging potential employers with information about the Norwich facility, skills of the workforce and amenities in the area.

"If nothing happens between now and the end of 2015 it is highly likely that this plant will be idle and all those folks will go on unemployment but in large parts there will be a huge over supply of highly skilled manufacturing workers in Chenango county. We're trying to turn that into a good thing. A high supply of highly skilled workers all in one spot at the same time should be something that another supplier should want to take advantage of."

The project has launched a website to further market it's Norwich location at www.50oharadrive.com.