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Day 10: Cal Harris Jury Continues to Deliberate

The 10th day of deliberations in the trial of Cal Harris was quick, quiet and did not yield a verdict.

The Tioga County man is charged with the death of his wife Michele who disappeared in September 2001.

Jurors had a shortened day of deliberations due to a scheduling conflict for one of the jurors.

Another potential scheduling conflict on Friday caused some frustration among Harris' defense team this morning causing defense attorney Bruce Barket to ask that the juror with the conflict be dismissed.

Barket argued that unless jurors can provide a legal excuse they should be required to be in court so that deliberations can move forward as scheduled.

Judge George Bartlett has not yet ruled on the matter but points out that previously the court has aimed to
accommodate jurors schedules.

Adding today's two and a half hours of deliberations to the past nine days, jurors have now had the case for more than 43 hours over 10 days.

The jury will return to the courtroom tomorrow morning at 9:15 for day 11 of deliberations.