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85-Year-Old Woman Dies After Being Hit by Car

By Fox 40 Staff.
An 85-year-old Binghamton woman was struck and killed crossing Front Street in the Town of Dickinson Wednesday morning.

At about 8:35 Delores Gajdik was struck by a vehicle driven by 24- year-old Colin Tarr of Johnson City. Police say Tarr was distracted opening a beverage inside his vehicle and had momentarily taken his eyes off the road.
when Tarr directed his focus back to the roadway Gajdik was in his lane of travel and he struck her.

Gajdik struck the hood and windshield of the car, traveled over the car and landed on the roadway unconscious. A good samaritan tried to administer CPR. Gajdik was taken to Wilson Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 9:15. The accident is still under investigation; however, no tickets have been issued and no charges are anticipated at this time.