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CNN's 2014 Hero of the Year In Binghamton

He is CNN's 2014 Hero of the Year and now he's in Binghamton ready to help salute local heroes.

Pen Farthing founded Nowzad Dogs, a nonprofit organization that reunites soldiers with stray dogs and cats they adopted during combat.

Wednesday he'll be the keynote speaker at the Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast honoring local heroes.

So far Nowzad Dogs has reunited more than 700 soldiers with the dogs or cats they adopted on the front lines of Afghanistan.

Farthing was a Royal Marine Commando in the British Military serving in Afghanistan when he adopted a dog of his own, who became the inspiration for the project.

"I just thought looking after him I was doing something to help him out but what I actually realized is he was helping me get through the stress of being in Afghanistan. In the end I couldn't bear to leave him behind so I actually hatched a plan to get him out of Afghanistan and back to England," said Pen Farthing, founder of Nowzad Dogs.

Farthing named the dog he adopted Nowzad after the town in Afghanistan where he served.

Nowzad is also the Farsi word for newborn. Farthing says the dogs have helped veterans cope with the post traumatic stress disorder associated with their combat.