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New Veterans Court in Broome County

A new veterans court in Broome County aims to help keep former military members out of prison and into treatment programs.

The court was created to hear non-violent cases involving veterans who are taking part in a treatment plan.

To start, cases will be heard once a month in Binghamton City Court, but if enough veterans engage in a treatment plan, cases may be heard on a weekly basis.

The veterans will be assigned mentors who will help them get back to a full recovery.

"Often times veterans when they get into trouble they don't want to tell anyone that they are a veteran. Once we identify if they're a veteran we determine whether or not they have alcohol or drug issues or mental health issues or any other type of issue that might fit within our guidelines," said William Pelella, Judge at Binghamton City Court.

Three veterans are already part of the program.

This veterans court is based on a similar program that started in Buffalo in 2008.