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No Charges in Shooting of U-E Grad in North Carolina. Victim's Father Speaks Out

By Fox 40 Staff.
Police in Concord, North Carolina say a firefighter involved in an April 30th shooting which killed Union-Endicott graduate David Pittarelli will not face any charges, because the shooting was a matter of self-defense.

However, Pittarelli's family says it is moving forward with it's options to keep the case alive.

According to the fox affiliate in charlotte, police say Ryan Cochran shot and killed Pittarelli, a man he didn't know after they stopped their cars to fight. According to police, Cochran was driving with his girlfriend when he noticed a car following them. Police say they have unconfirmed reports that this may be a case of mistaken identity. Police say Cochran's girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat of his truck, looks similar to Pittarelli's girlfriend.

"I think it's very disappointing. I think it sends the message out that it's OK to pull a gun and shoot an unarmed person based on a lot of speculation," said David Pittarelli, the shooting victim's father.

Police say Cochran fired nine shots at Pittarelli, who continued to advance toward Cochran after the initial shots. Police say Cochran and a neighbor tried administering CPR after the shooting. Tuesday Pittarelli's father said he has hired a lawyer and private investigators to look into the case.