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Binghamton Mayor Announces $8.2 Million in Street Repairs

Binghamton Mayor Rich David announced an $8.2 million program to improve over fourteen miles of neighborhood streets.

The 2015 Infrastructure Improvement Program began on the Southside this morning.

It will include water and sewer upgrades starting with Clifton Boulevard and finishing on Telegraph Street later this month.

Phase Two of the Riverside Drive Project is also included in this infrastructure plan and plans to be completed by next year.

"The condition of our neighborhood streets is a top concern for residents. So not only are we focusing on the major thorough affairs from an economic development standpoint, but we are also focusing on our neighborhood streets," said Binghamton Mayor Rich David.

The city is planning to work on one section at a time. Prospect, Leroy, and Front Street are among the dozens of streets that will be milled and paved this season.