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Cal Harris Jury Deadlocked Again after 8th Day of Deliberations

Jurors in the trial of Cal Harris once again inform the court that they are deadlocked after 8 days of deliberations.

Jurors sent a note to Judge George Bartlett this afternoon saying that as a group they feel that any further deliberation would be fruitless.

This is the third trial for the Town of Spencer man charged with the death of his estranged wife Michele who disappeared in September 2001.

This is the second time during deliberations that the jury has declared that they are deadlocked.The first time was last Tuesday.

At that point judge George Bartlett read them the Allen charge asking them to continue deliberating with open minds trying to reach a verdict.

After receiving today's note that jurors were deadlocked again, Judge Bartlett said that he intended to read them the Allen charge again and have them continue deliberating.

Defense Attorney Bruce Barket says that the judge should declare a mistrial and stop further deliberations, while Tioga County District Attorney Kirk Martin argues that due to the circumstances of this trial the second reading of the Allen charge is appropriate and reasonable.

The judge is expected to read the jury the Allen charge tomorrow morning, when the jury begin the 9th day of deliberations.