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Holiday Inn Hosts Mother's Day Brunch

The Holiday Inn is welcoming families for a special meal with mom.

Sunday more than 450 people came to the Holiday Inn Binghamton to enjoy a traditional brunch buffet with tons of food anywhere from shrimp and waffles country potatoes and bacon!

The hotel also hosted a Facebook contest where selected mom's could win a Mother's Day surprise. Those who attended say Sunday moms needed the much deserved rest and relaxation.

"This is an opportunity for moms to come down and take full advantage of our buffet and let us do the dishes and do all of the hard cooking for her so she can enjoy her special day," said director of food and beverage at the Holiday Inn Robert Brown, "Moms like my wife, all have kids at home, they're constantly working and they deserve a day off."

"I think that not having to clean up after the meal is nice because then you can relax and enjoy the company that you're surrounded with and have the opportunity to just enjoy your family," said Endwell resident Cathie DeLuca.

Sunday's event took five chefs more than two days to fully prepare all of the dishes.