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Mothers Enjoy Free Mini Golf

Local mini golf course is showing mothers some appreciation also.

Sunday hundreds of family members came to celebrate Mother's Day at Chuckster's Miniature Golf Course in Vestal.

Mothers could participate in all 18 holes of mini golf at no charge and after golfing they also received a free ice cream cone and a rose!

"We try to make it really nice here for moms, we try to keep it very clean, we try to present, for lack of a better term, a Disney-like appearance here, I don't know how else to turn it, they might not like me saying that but that's what we kind of strive to do so it's a care-free place for moms to come," said co-owner of Chuckster's Joe Underwood.

Chuckster's plans to add a twin racing zip line to their variety of family fun center activities by the beginning of July.