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Buy a Dress, Fight Breast Cancer!

Local residents are finding the wedding dress of their dreams while
helping to fight disease.

Saturday, the YMCA of Broome County in Johnson City hosted the Brides Against Cancer Nationwide Tour.
The tour goes from coast to coast selling wedding dresses to help fund the website healthsupportnetwork.org, an online resource helping provide free programs to anyone impacted by breast cancer.

Hundreds of gowns from all shapes and sizes were available with designer and brand name wedding gowns for sale from 25 to 85 percent off.
Prices ranged from $75 to $1,800 and 78 percent of the proceeds from dress sales will go towards funding for programs to help those battling breast cancer...

"In certain events I've had actual cancer survivors come and they've purchased their dress here. They've just made it a point to find there dress with us because that's so encouraging for them because they made it through and they're survivors and they're giving back to an incredible cause," said show manager for Brides Against Breast Cancer Erin Roundtree.

The Nationwide Tour began four years ago and last year the program helped to raise more than $1 million that went to free programs and services for those affected by the disease.