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Police Week Continues with Charity Basketball Tournament

In honor of police week local officers are battling it out on the basketball court in a tournament to help support the family of a fellow officer.

Its all part of the Police week Charity Basketball tournament.

Proceeds from the tournament will help Binghamton Police officer Dave Ely's family and daughter who has type V Radial Apalasia which affects both arms.
The funds will support her extensive hospital care and rehabilitation.

Brad Kaczynski, Patrolman, Binghamton Police Department said
"She requires a lot of surgeries, visits to see specialists so we're trying to offset the medical costs and travel expenses."

"It's just a way to show support for the people that are out protecting and serving our communities, the people who lost their lives in the line of duty, its just a nice way to pay it back."

The four teams that went head to head: the Broome County Sheriff's Office vs Binghamton PD and New York State Police vs the Metro Police Team.
Every year the basketball tournament proceeds fund a different charity.