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14 Fire Agencies Fight Large Brush Fire

Residents have evacuated after brush fires spreads across several miles of Hillcrest.

Fourteen agencies including Windsor, Binghamton, Hillcrest, Port Crane and Vestal Fire Department responded to a brush fire that officials say was caused by a spark from a moving train.
The blaze started just after 12 Saturday afternoon.

State Police helicopters were also present for observation purposes.

"If it was left to one department, it couldn't be done. Right now we needed to reach out for the resources and manpower and that was the most important thing that we could do," said Hillcrest Fire Chief Rick Larson, "We've got ambulance agencies here so that nobody gets dehydrated and the houses up there that we're evacuating, we've got fire engines staged up there so that if it gets closer to the houses then we can stop it from spreading to the houses hopefully."

"Not really scared but kind of a feeling of anxious, like how are they going to contain it and the winds not probably helping them contain it," said Chenango Bridge resident Nicholas Schuldt.

Some residents on Prentice Hill Road and Bellvue Road were evacuation as a precaution. So far no injuries have been reported.