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Cal Harris Jury Ends Week of Deliberations Without Verdict

Jury deliberations in the trial of Cal Harris will continue into next week as day 7 of deliberations ends without a verdict. This is the third trial for the Town of Spencer man charged with the death of his wife Michele who disappeared in 2001.

After not addressing the court Thursday jurors sent two notes during Friday's shortened day of deliberations.

The first asked for photos of the Harris property, specifically aerial photos of the end of the driveway, where Michele's van was found. The second requested that Judge George Bartlett re-read his final charge on the law. Jurors have been deliberating for almost 29 hours at this point

And as we get further and further into these deliberations you can feel the tension building on both sides of the courtroom. While District Attorney Kirk Martin declined to comment, Defense Attorney Bruce Barket says that the length of the deliberations has not shaken his confidence in his case.

Barket says, "There's no rhyme or reason to it, it's completely up to the jury. Long deliberation, short deliberation it could go either way. As long as they focus on the evidence here, Cal should be okay."

Jurors will return to the courtroom on Monday morning at 9:15 when Judge George Bartlett will once again read his final charge before the jury begins it's 8th day of deliberations.