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Man Allegedly Flees Police, Falls in River

A Binghamton man is arrested after fleeing from law enforcement.

Police say at about 10:30 last night 31-year-old Matthew Barrows of Binghamton ran a red light in the town of union and fled from troopers after they tried to pull him over. According to police he drove onto river road then jumped out of the car and ran alongside the Susquehanna River where troopers heard him fall in.

Vestal and Endwell Fire Departments were brought in, but then later called off when Borrows was spotted by a thermal imaging camera and arrested by a Broome County Sheriff Deputy.

Borrows was taken to Wilson hospital and checked for hypothermia then shortly released. He faces charges of unlawfully fleeing, driving with a suspended license, and marijuana possession. Borrows is held at Broome County Jail on 1,000 dollar bail.