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Day 6: Cal Harris Jury Continues to Deliberate

It's been one week since jurors received the case of Cal Harris and they have yet to reach a verdict.

Harris is the Town of Spencer man charged with second degree murder for the death of his wife Michele who disappeared in September 2001.

The jury was completely silent today. Jurors did not ask for any exhibits or to hear any testimony.

At this point the jury has been deliberating for more than 26 hours over 6 days.Today was a shortened day with court starting at 1:30 due to juror scheduling conflicts.

Jurors entered the court room just before 2 PM, roll was taken and they were immediately sent to resume deliberations.

On Tuesday the jury informed the court that it was deadlocked and judge George Bartlett asked jurors to continue their deliberations to try an unanimously agree on a verdict.

Tomorrow will be another shortened day with court beginning at 9:15 and jurors being released at noon if they still have not reached a verdict.