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Discussions Continue On City's Noise Ordinance

On Wednesday night Binghamton City Council members discussed the city noise ordinance and its potential funding.

City Council President Bill Berg said that the ordinance has been on the table for the last 12-18 months and it's time to start moving forward. The city is looking into the possibility of buying new decibel level meters and training city workers to use them. One of the suggestions brought up during the meeting was that there needed to be a point person. Many of the departments overseeing noise complaints now also have other responsibilities.

City Council President Bill Berg said, "At that particular time of the evening I'm sure the police are very busy to respond. I brought to the table tonight that we probably need a point person in addition to others that would take
responsibility for calls."

As of now the Binghamton Police, the Department of Public Works and Code Enforcement handle the city's noise complaints