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BU Nursing Students Conduct Disaster Drilling

Disaster struck the area Wednesday - sending victims from overloaded hospitals to the events center at BU. But, it's OK - it was all a drill. It was more about a learning experience for nursing students where the difference between pass and fail was life and death.

Binghamton is no stranger to disaster. Historic flooding in 2006 and 2011 is what connects some of the students at the Decker School of Nursing to the value of emergency planning within the community.

Margaret Decker, Clinical Assistant Professor at Binghamton University said, "I will still have students say to me, I was there, so I remember when I responded to the flood and I helped those people in the medical shelter."

And 17 years of ongoing disaster training makes sure students are always prepared.

BU Student Meghan Brill said, "Disasters happen. There's been the floods, there's been all these tragedies that have happened in the local Binghamton area and it's better to be prepared and be ready for any situation that occurs."

Mock injured patients are transported via ambulance to the Events Center for senior nursing students to diagnose and treat. Students say it gives them a taste of the real deal.

Katie Dowd, a Senior Nursing Student said, "It really is a unique experience that Binghamton let's us do this and really it's just a lot of fun too and it gives me a nice talking point in an interview."