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Local Father Speaks Out After North Carolina Shooting Death of Son

The father of a Union-Endicott graduate is speaking out after the shooting death of his son in North Carolina last week.

Reports claim David Pittarelli, 33, and his shooter were arguing prior to the incident, just before the shooter opened fire emptying the entire clip,

I spoke with the father of David Pittarelli and he says he just wants answers
he's contacted police in North Carolina but he says they're not giving him any.

Pittarelli said, " We know for a fact that there were 8 shots fired 4 hits two of them fatal. one to the spine one to the aorta. I guarantee you, I know Dave well enough he didn't follow a vehicle unprovoked. Something happened previously, previous, I want the answers."

Words from a grieving father after losing his son on April 30th.

33-year-old Union-Endicott graduate, David Pittarelli was shot and killed in North Carolina and reports claim he was unarmed.

Officials identify the shooter as 22-year-old Kannapolis Firefighter Ryan Cochran who has reportedly been placed on leave.

"I have a feeling that there's some profiling going on hes living in a southern boys world he's from New York. Everybody's got everybody's back I understand that. It would be the same thing up here doesn't make it right. I want answers," said Pittarelli.

Pittarelli isn't the only one who wants answers apparently more than 2,600 people do as well according to a new petition started on change.org.

"Its Mother's Day this weekend, we have a mother without a son and a father without a son and a brother without a brother you know he was a father, he had a little boy. There's questions that need to be questions and answered and people need to answer to their actions and justice needs to be served," said Friend Dino Martone.

"If anybody has children they're going to understand or think they understand. I hope they never have to live through it but if it had been reversed and my son had gunned down an unnarmed man. I would still want these answers I don't want anybody profiled. I want the truth," said Pittarelli.

David says police have not released any information regarding the death of his son and Fox 40 has reached out as well, still no response.