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Cal Harris Jury Says It's Deadlocked, Continues Deliberating

By Samantha Bleiweis.
Another roadblock in the trial of Cal Harris Tuesday when the jury came back and informed the court they were deadlocked. Harris is the Tioga county man charged with second degree murder for the death of his wife Michele back in September of 2001.

After three and a half days the jury in the trial of Cal Harris said earlier that it was deadlocked and jurors were having a hard time unanimously agreeing on a verdict.

Judge George Bartlett then asked jurors to go back and continue deliberating to try and harmonize their views. He asked jurors to use their common sense, good judgment and conscience as they continue to deliberate. And again, This jury is charged with deciding whether or not cal Harris intentionally killed his wife Michele. Michele's body nor a murder weapon have ever been found.

Before jurors informed the court that they were deadlocked, they heard testimony reread from New York State police investigator Michael Myers as well as former Harris babysitter Pam Barnes.

Myers was one of the first investigators to speak to Harris after Michele was reported missing. Jurors specifically requested the direct and cross examination testimony Myers gave about the interview he conducted with Harris on the morning of September 12th, 2001, when Myers interviewed him at his business, the Royal Ford Dealership in Owego.

The second piece of Myers testimony the jury heard was of Myers interview with Harris on September 14th prior to 3 PM. Later in the afternoon jurors also asked to view specific exhibits, including the rug from the Harris alcove area that included a transfer stain that tested positive as being Michele's blood, and documents that show the depreciation of value of Cal's car dealership.

The jury will reconvene Wednesday morning to begin day 5 of deliberations.