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Breakfast Memorial Honors Fallen Heros

As Police Memorial Week continues, the memories of Johnson City Police Officer David Smith and New York State Police Trooper Christopher Skinner were honored at a breakfast this morning. Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge spoke about how DW Smith was a hero in the Police Department and Chris Skinner's best friend Matthew Maciak spoke about how much Chris loved to farm and protect his community as a State Trooper.

"I've worked closely with Chris and I was on the scene shortly after DW's incident so i was somewhat involved emotionally in both aspects. So events like these to honor those who have lost their lives or given their lives in the line of duty is huge," said Matthew Maciak, New York State Police Trooper.

On Tuesday Governor Cuomo added the names of Smith, Skinner, and 25 other officers to the state's police officer's memorial.