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Police Memorial Week Memorial Service and Flag Raising Ceremony

This week marks the beginning of Police Memorial Week. This morning, the Broome County Sheriff's Office held a memorial service and flag raising service to remember the lives of fallen officers.

Police vehicles stretched from the North Gate Plaza on Route 12 to the Sheriff's Office to show their support for fellow fallen police officers.

"It always brings thoughts back of how they got killed, what happened, how the families grieved, as well as the agencies. Don't forget, the officers themselves grieve in all of this," said Broome County Sheriff Dave Harder.

"These men and women here sacrificed their lives for the greater good of their community. That's something very important to all of us that we don't lose sight of that fact," said Johnson City Police Chief Brent Dodge.

Last year in New York State, 11 officers were killed in the line of duty which was second most in the United States.

"That's our job to run into the danger and not run away from it. So whether it's a burning building or a shooting, we are there. We are there to help a child or a person that's in an automobile accident. We run towards that," said Sheriff Harder.

With so much talk about the Police in Baltimore the past few weeks, this memorial in Broome County reminds everyone here that these men and women protected and served their community.

"We all share an emotional bond and specifically when we lose one of our co-workers. So this helps draw us all closer together," said Dodge.

127 officers in New York State have been killed in the line of duty. Tomorrow at a memorial breakfast, there will be presentations remembering the lives of Johnson City police officer DW Smith and State Trooper Chris Skinner. Smith was shot and killed in the line of duty on March 31st 2014. Skinner was killed by a hit-and-run driver on Route 81 on May 29th 2014. .