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Local Parents with Special Needs Children Learn to Plan Vacations

Officials at the Southern Tier Special Education Task Force are teaching parents of children with special needs how to vacation plan.

Monday, the center hosted a program focusing on making vacation enjoyable for families with special needs. Parents say a fun vacation can be a challenge depending on the special needs of your child.

But they say the best way to plan a trip is to prepare. Things like taking mini-cations or visiting a busy airport can help prepare a child for long travel.

"We have to be aware that our kids just cant physically hand the strenuous trip that most kids can handle both physically and emotionally if you have a child with emotional challenges like ADHD or on the autism spectrum you have to make sure you prepare them and they know what's going on."

For further information on travel with special needs family members you can head to www.parenttoparentnys.org or call 1-800-305-8817