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USA Yoga Competition Comes to Binghamton

Yogis from across the nation are coming together all in the name of competition.

The USA Yoga 2015 National Yoga Asana Championship took place this weekend at the Holiday Inn Binghamton with the help of host studio Bikram Yoga Binghamton. Sunday more than 300 people came out as finalists took to the stage holding seven self-chosen yoga poses for at least three seconds as judges observed. The judges rated competitors based on technique and mental and physical control.
However, participants weren't just competing against each other.

"It's not really one versus another intellectually or one versus another physically, it really happens here what we see on stage with each of our competitors is a moment of their presence. And the real competition in Yoga Championship is between the competitor's mind and their ego. A lot of them have trained many many months, many years, to be here today and if they have their mind in the same place, they will succeed. And that's the true competition," said executive director of USA Yoga Joseph Encinia.

At closing ceremonies one person each from the men's, women's, senior and youth division were rewarded the title of USA Yoga National Champion.