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Oakdale Mall Hosts Annual Orchid Show

They say April showers bring May flowers -- well looks like some flowers are already here!

The Southern Tier Orchid Society is hosting the 2015 Annual Orchid Show at the Oakdale Mall May 2-3 weekend. More than 1,500 plants were on display.
The day also included raffles and plants for sale and information for growing top-quality orchids.

Organizers explain what makes these flowers unique.

"There are different varieties that bloom for months on end, continuously blooming, even in the winter time when it's bleak and dreary outside, you've got beautiful flowers in your home and it's really nice," said president of the Southern Tier Orchid Society Linda Mandeville.

The Southern Tier Orchid Society will host a repotting workshop at the First United Methodist Church in Endicott on May 19th.