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Broome County YMCA Recognizes Healthy Kids Day

Southern Tier families are recognizing the importance of keeping kids healthy.

Saturday, the West Family YMCA in Johnson City celebrated Healthy Kids Day.
Healthy Kids Day is a national YMCA initiative to improve families' health and well-being while getting them kick started for a healthier summer.
Kids could participate in activities like yoga, outdoor obstacle courses, and arts and crafts.

There were also local vendors with healthy snacks and information to help get families on the right track.

"They stay inside they're sedentary so they're not getting any exercise. If kids are active their brain is active. In the school districts they always have to have phys ed classes. At the Y we always get them moving even if they're in our child care center and in our classroom. We get them outside we get them moving we go to the gym they swim and everything else ," said School Age Director for Broome County YMCA Nikki Restino.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a YMCA program in Broome County, you can visit www.ymcabroome.org.