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Locals Participate in Farm Tours

Get a tour of some local farms!

The Cornell Community Cooperative Extension of Broome County is presenting the Broome County Farm Trail 2015.

The Trail invites families to visit and tour farms throughout the area and learn about locally produced food and products. Some of the local businesses taking part in the event include the Sugar Creek Maple Farm in Vestal, Country Wagon Produce in Glen Aubrey and the Ostiningo Park Farmers Market in Binghamton.
In addition to the tour, visitors are able to test samples of the farm's product.

"People just don't know how much agriculture is in Broome County, how many farmers there are that do a great number of things. There's nothing that can teach people as much as going out and seeing it. To go out and actually see how its produced and see how people do that, thats what going to leave the memories and show people how things are really grown, " said Sugar Creek maple producer David Hickling.

The Trail continues through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. If you would like a list of participating farms, just head to www.ccebroomecounty.com.