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The Kalurah Shriners Royal Hanneford Circus Comes To Binghamton

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! The Kalurah Shriners Royal Hanneford Circus is in town.

Ring master Billy Martin says that there are acts that the whole family can enjoy this weekend such as white bengal tigers, the high wire, dancing bears and the sphere of fear for motorcycle drivers. Local residents who came out to enjoy the circus say it's always a fun time for friends and family.

Hayley Halovik said "I have been coming here since I was her age."

And it was an especially memorable night for Vestal Police Officer and longtime circus fan Brian Thorick, who took the chance to propose to his longtime girlfriend Kathleen Bernhardt in the center ring.

The three ring extravaganza will be here for the whole weekend with shows tomorrow at 10am, 3pm and 7pm and tickets ranging from 12 to 20 dollars.