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Day Two: Jury Deliberates in the Trial of Cal Harris

Jury deliberations enter day number two in the trial of Cal Harris.
The Tioga County man is charged with the death of his wife Michele who disappeared in September 2001.

On Friday, jurors spent a large portion of the day revisiting the testimony of former Harris nanny Barbara Thayer and family friend Tom Turner.

Upon request, court reporters read back Thayer's testimony about the events on the morning of September 12th, 2001, when Thayer learned that Michele was missing.

Jurors also asked to hear the defense's cross examination of Thayer about her car ride with Cal to retrieve Michele's van on that same morning.

During the read back of Thayer's testimony defense attorney Bruce Barket made his 14th mistrial request disagreeing with the instruction given by Judge George Bartlett regarding the read back of stricken testimony.

Ultimately, this motion was denied.

Tom Turner's testimony about a loaf sized spot of blood in the Harris garage was also read back to jurors today.

Turner testified that two days after Michele's disappearance Cal mentioned that investigators had found a loaf sized spot of blood in the Harris garage.

During yesterday's deliberations jurors asked for photos of the blood stains that were found in the Harris home and today they received those photos to aid in their deliberations.

Jurors will return to the courthouse on Monday morning when deliberations will enter day number three.