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Company Looking to Hire Railroad Conductors

Have you ever thought about training to become a conductor in the railroad industry?

On Thursday at The Holiday Inn in downtown Binghamton, Representatives from the Norfolk Southern Rail Company held a presentation and interview process for those interested in the position with the company.

Several people showed up to learn more about the life of a conductor.

Officials from the company say that the hours and time spent away from family can be demanding at times but it's worth it.

Jim Ogle Assistant Superintendent Transportation Department said, "It's a multi-generational organization. I myself am a fifth generation railroader so once it gets in your blood it stays in your blood. It's excellent for you and your family. It is demanding but again the benefits you can't compare them."

The company offers some great benefits including a retirement program, 401 k as well as medical and dental insurance. If you are interested in learning more you can visit the website nscorp.com.