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Cal Harris Trial Now in Hands of the Jury

For the third time the fate of Cal Harris rests in the hands of a jury. The Town of Spencer man is accused of killing his wife Michele who disappeared on September 11th 2001.

Jurors began their deliberations just before 12:30 today after hearing almost an hour's worth of instructions from Judge George Bartlett.

A little more than an hour into deliberation jurors sent out a note asking for the entirety of Babara Thayer's 3 days worth of testimony to be read back.

Thayer was the Harris nanny at the time of Michele's disappearance.

During their break the jury sent out a second note specifying that they only wanted to hear the portion of Thayer's testimony about the activities on the morning of September 12th 2001 when she found out Michele was missing.

At this the attorneys and court reporters began wading through Thayer's testimony to find the parts relevant to the request.

Later this afternoon jurors sent another note asking that a portion of Tom Turner's testimony on blood found in the Harris garage also be read back.

Turner, a close friend of the Harris family, testified that when talking to Cal about the Police investigation cal mentioned a they had found a loaf sized spot of blood in the garage.

Now there will be court tomorrow but Judge George Bartlett says that a large portion of the day will be consumed by reading back this testimony.