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Final Lecture Ends 43-Year Teaching Career

By Fox 40 Staff.
After 43 years of teaching a SUNY Broome professor gave his final lecture Thursday afternoon.

Doug Garnar discussed Democracy's College Thursday - that's a term the Truman Commission used to describe community colleges in 1947. During his teaching career Garnar coordinated the service-learning efforts on the school's campus, directed the Liberal Arts Community Internship Program, and founded the Older, Wiser Learners Program and the school's Sleep-Out for the Homeless.

Professor Garnar said, "These students are our link to the future that I can only barely catch a glimpse of. But I do believe that democracy is a system that does liberate the individual but also teaches how to live in community."

Garnar says that his message to students is "listen, think, and act as your heart tells you."