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SUNY Broome Brings Back Honors Program

SUNY Broome is providing an opportunity for students to push their academic growth.

Wednesday school President Kevin Drumm announced the launch of the new Honors Program, the first such program at the school in a decade. The school wants the program to challenge students to think deeply and insightfully in a wide range of classes across all academic disciplines. Applicants must have at least a 3.5 GPA in the last 12 college-level courses taken at SUNY Broome.

Steve Call, Chairman of the Honors Committee says "You may find something else that you never anticipated and that I think is one of the best things that an honors program offers a student. The opportunity to explore so many new horizons, not just in the classroom either. "

The program will officially begin this Fall. School officials say the honors-designated courses will be capped at 20 students, and that the program will allow students enhanced transfer and job placement opportunities.