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Closing Arguments End in Cal Harris Trial

By Beth Rousseau.
After 11 weeks of testimony the case of Cal Harris will soon be in the hands of a Schoharie county jury. Harris is the tioga county man is charged with second degree murder for the death of his wife Michele who disappeared in September 2001. No body or murder weapon has ever been found.

The prosecution gave it's closing argument Wednesday. According to district attorney Kirk Martin there is no mystery about what happened to Michele Harris, that she was murdered by her husband Cal in their home on September 11th 2001.

Today during his summation Martin told jurors that Cal was the only person who had something to gain from Michele's death saying that Michele threatened Cal's family legacy, the custody of his children and his freedom.

The district attorney says it's the blood evidence found in the Harris home that clears up any reasonable doubt that Cal is responsible for his wife's death.

Martin argues that the dilution and pattern of the blood stains found in the home are consistent with blood spatter and attempted clean up.

Martin points out that while the amount of blood found in the home was inconsistent with a bludgeoning they never claimed that Michele was bludgeoned to death but that she was incapacitated and strangled.

The district attorney also confronted jurors with Cal's unconcerned and calm demeanor in the days and weeks following Michele's disappearance.

Martin highlighted Cal's stoic attitude when the Harris family nanny Barbara Thayer arrived at the Harris household on the morning he found Michele was missing and also adds that there is no record of Cal trying to contact Michele after sept 11th 2001 which the state claims is because he knew she was dead.

The D-A reminded jurors of testimony from numerous witnesses regarding threats Cal made to Michele about killing her and making her disappear if she didn't drop the impending divorce proceedings.

As for the testimony of Kevin Tubbs, the Tioga county farmer who claims he saw Michele on the morning of September 12th after the time prosecutors allege she had been killed, Martin asked jurors to consider the source.

Calling into question Tubbs credibility and character and saying that his testimony was just meant to distract jurors from the real evidence.

Now Judge Bartlett was expecting to charge the jury today but following the States summation legal arguments ensued which lead to a vocal outburst from Cal during which he began yelling at the judge.

Due to this delay the jury will be charged Thursday morning and will then begin deliberations.