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Broome Tioga Boces Holds Career Fair

Students enrolled at Broome Tioga Boces had an opportunity to learn about career opportunities in their fields and other programs as well at the 9th annual career information fair. The event is designed to share information about opportunities in manufacturing, construction trades, health care and other in demand careers. Prior to attending the fair students learned the soft skills needed for an interview, such as a proper handshake and the importance of making eye contact.

"I didn't know there were so many job opportunities around this area, especially in hospitals, you'd think mostly doctors would be there and what not. But alot of them need help in maintenance and other areas. So there's alot of opportunities I didn't know about," said Molly Helmich, Building Trades Student.

The students also learned how to present a quick sales pitch to employers, which includes 5 good selling points about themselves.