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How Would Local Police React if Violent Protests Happened in Binghamton

Violent protests and riots erupted in Baltimore Monday after the death of 25-year old Freddie Grey,an African American who died while in police custody.

Over the past several months protests have flared up in numerous cities across the country regarding police brutality, but what about our area? What would happen if we experienced some of the violent protests like those taking place in Baltimore? Broome County Sheriff's officials say if rioting were to occur locally their role would be to assist local police.

Undersheriff Alex Minor said, "We would be a backup role to Binghamton police if they would be the lead agency as well as the state police in a situation like that." Most police officers are hard working honest individuals and the last thing they want to do when they come to work in the morning is to hurt anybody."

The city of Baltimore has imposed a curfew for a week starting Tuesday night from 10 p-m to 5 a-m.