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Cal Harris' Defense Team Delivers Closing Arguments

After ten weeks of testimony, the jury finally hears closing arguments in the trial of Cal Harris. He's the Owego businessman charged with second degree murder for the death of his wife Michele back in September of 2001.

Our Samantha Bleiweis was in the Schoharie County courthouse has more. Sam?

Defense Attorney Bruce Barket gave the defense's closing arguments Tuesday, which took him almost four full hours.

Barket did warn jurors and those in the courtroom that his closing arguments would be tedious, but he felt it necessary to answer every allegation made against his client.

Barket stressed many times during the beginning of his arguments that law enforcement has been looking in the wrong place and at the wrong man for the past fourteen years. He argues that police immediately pinned the crime on Cal, and built a case based on substitute evidence.

Barket spent much of the morning debunking the blood spatter testimony showing jurors that only one of the 14 areas in the Harris garage tested positive for human blood.

And in the entirety of the home, out of 81 possible stains on the alcove carpet, and numerous areas of possible blood staining in the garage, only 3 areas tested positive for human blood, and only 2 of those areas matched Michele's DNA.

Barket also argues that Cal's behavior following Michele's disappearance was that of an innocent man, and that Cal wants her found just as much as anyone else.

Barket says that though both Cal and Michele were having affairs, and the marriage had fallen apart, the two were getting a divorce. and by the summer of 2001 before Michele's disappearance, tensions had calmed and Barket says Cal was accepting of the divorce at that point. By the time she did disappear, Michele was reportedly going to accept a divorce settlement that cal had provided.

Barket says this completely contradicts the prosecution's argument that Cal's motive to kill Michele was because he was losing control of his marriage and his finances.

The prosecution will its deliver closing statements Wednesday morning, and the jury is expected to get the case by the afternoon.