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Endicott Restaurant Week Kicks Off

Endicott restaurant week is underway! Twenty eateries are participating in the village's second annual restaurant week.

Another year for Tony's Italian Grill...
"Oh gosh we got some great specials tonight..
First one.. our homemade tiramisu and canoli is to die for," said Tony's Italian Grill Co-Owner Tony Cataldo.

On restaurant menus across Endicott you can find: pastas, desserts and drinks, but the specials aren't the only reason restaurant owners are urging people to chow down on some good eats.

Each participating restaurant donates some of their proceeds to the Endicott Boys and Girls club.

"It gets us out there that more and more people know that were out there helping the kids and doing things for the kids and the adults were a family center. But also it helps bring people into Endicott, bring people back to Endicott to see the fine dining" said Executive Director of Western Broome Boys and Girls Club.

The City of Binghamton's restaurant week has been ongoing for more than 10 years and Endicott is catching up...

"We have so many wonderful restaurants and such great food. Why don't we do something?" Said Kim Osmond, Restaurant Week coordinator.

Cataldo couldn't be happier to be a part of it.

"We love it. We love to see people coming in and out the door," he said.
And when it comes to participating in Endicott's third annual restaurant week?
"Absolutely yes."
Reporting in Endicott Amila West FOX 40 hd News.

Last year's Restaurant Week raised $6,000. This year's Restaurant Week goes until next Thursday May 7th. For a full list of restaurants head to www.endicottrestaurantweek.com.